Reclaiming My Strength is the story of Pittsburgh native Cheyenne Martin, now living in Los Angeles, an active, outgoing, fun-loving woman who had a mysterious illness that went undiagnosed for nearly a year—but didn’t let that stop her. She turned the experience into a positive journey of change and success. 


A self-proclaimed “alpha-female,” Cheyenne didn’t give up hope, didn’t feel sorry for herself or blame the world for her problems. She became educated and made the necessary lifestyle changes to not only manage her illness, but also get back on her feet and continue to lead a healthy, prosperous life.


An emotional roller coaster, Reclaiming My Strength takes us on Cheyenne’s journey of sickness, uncertainty, tragic loss, and finding the strength to persevere even through the darkest of times.

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blessed with a mother who encouraged her to express herself. At the age of 6, she first experienced the thrill of hearing the crowd’s applause while modeling at fashion shows alongside her mother. Shortly after, she officially began modeling, started acting in plays like Little Orphan Annie and competed in talent shows, often taking first place.

   Ms. Martin attended Contra Costa College, but had her sights set on becoming an actress. Always one to pursue her dreams, with unstoppable determination, she headed straight out of Pittsburgh to Los Angeles.

   Shortly after arriving in Los Angeles, she began working for the legendary Berry Gordy of Motown Records as well as Jobete Publishing. She was instrumental in organizing the “Motown 30” celebration with several of the stars. Her other early positions were with Fox News, and soon after, alongside Rapper Heavy D as his personal assistant.

   Although she was having success and a good time, she realized that she needed to focus on what she moved to Los Angeles to do, which was acting. She started studying with acting coach Al Guarino, and soon she was being cast in films. Although she enjoyed acting, the experience began to entice her into a different direction. She had an urge go behind the scenes and camera. This revelation propelled her further in life and into a very exciting, new dimension in her entertainment


   Cheyenne was hired by the “LA Confidential” record label, where she learned the recording industry inside and out.  Soon she was working for various record labels and agents. Then as an agent’s assistant for Sharon Kemp of the Sharon Kemp Talent Agency and with talent manager Stephany Hurkos. With this invaluable experience under her belt, Ms. Martin was ready to take the next step and go out on her own as a talent manager.

SHE ESTABLISHED HER FIRST COMPANY IN 2007, Cheyenne Martin Management. Having been an actress herself, she understood the highs and lows of the acting profession and her agency was successful. Known for her innovative and pioneering spirit; she kicks up her high heels, takes her celebrity connections and friendships, and mixes them with her east coast hustle and drive to forge successes for all her clientele.

   In 2014, she became Executive Producer for the film Message from a Mistress, a tale of three wives who are harboring secrets and then have their worlds rocked when they learn that one of their husbands is having an affair with their widowed best friend. The success of this film lead to a decision by Cheyenne to launch yet another phase of her career and in 2016, she established her film company, Emerald City Entertainment.

    In addition to her successful entertainment career, Cheyenne Martin is also a philanthropist and in 2015 founded The Cheyenne Martin Foundation. This non-profit organization mentors and empowers women in the underserved and underrepresented communities throughout the Los Angeles and Pittsburgh areas.





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